West Michigan R Users Group Contributions

These materials are my contributions to the West Michigan R Users Group meetups. Click on the presentation title to be brought to the GitHub repository that contains the code and other materials.

See the main WMRUG github account for more code and presentations from other contributors. You can also check out their blog for meeting highlights!

High performance compiled code in R using Rcpp

March 2018

Introduces basic concepts of C++ programming and the Rcpp API for writing high-performance C++ code in R. Also points to the use-case of the mvrt package which uses the Armadillo C++ linear algebra library (via RcppArmadillo) to extend the functionality of Rcpp. This also touches on some of the considerations that need to be made when developing packages which include compiled code.

See presentation here.

Mapping in R

March 2017 and October 2017

This demonstrated the mapping capabilities of R using several packages. User-friendly packages such as chloroplethr and ggmap are discussed, as well as low-level mapping using shapefiles and other geographic data provided by government agencies.

That was easy! Create your own packages in minutes with devtools and roxygen2

June 2017

Introduces the basics of creating your own package using friendly RStudio tools and packages. The devtools and roxygen2 packages are featured prominently.

Machine Learning: A crash course in building and assessing classifiers

August 2016

This was an overview of using various statistical modeling and algorithmic techniques to predict credit defaults. The different methods were compared using ROC curves. There is also a small primer on PCA.

An introduction to R for programmers

June 2016

This script introduces the basic concepts and quirks of R.